ACTION ALERT: Sign the Free Press Petition

freepressFree Press is a national, non-partisan organization that advocates for media reform. They have started a petition, and sent out a mass mailing requesting support.

You can find the petition at:

The mailing is below, after the jump.

12:02pm update: Here’s what’s so cool about this petition. First, it actually gets turned into a letter that’s sent directly to your DC representatives. So it’s not one of those Internet petitions that just bounces around the ether–your message will be delivered to the appropriate decision makers. Second, you can personalize it as much as you want so it’s truly your message. You can reiterate the points Free Press provides, or you can make it your own message. Please do check it out.

Dear Supporter,

Just as we’re suffering economically, Time Warner Cable is trying to squeeze us even further, forcing customers in your community to pay steep fees for exceeding an absurdly low monthly limit on Internet use.

It’s ridiculous. But if you join our call to action right now, we can stop Time Warner Cable from forcing Internet users off the Web.

The company has announced plans to impose this unfair Internet penalty later this year in Austin.

Take Action: Don’t Let Time Warner Cable Squeeze You Out

Tens of thousands of people across the country have already protested this monopoly price gouging. Join them! By signing this letter, you’re telling your representative in Congress to demand a thorough investigation of Time Warner Cable before its scam comes to your community.

Time Warner Cable’s rip-off couldn’t come at a worse time.  Congress and President Obama have made widespread use of an affordable and free-flowing Internet a focus of America’s economic recovery plan.

By curbing people’s ability to use new business and educational tools, watch Internet video, share pictures with family, and connect to new government services, Time Warner Cable is using its market monopoly to cripple the technology millions of people need to be a part of the Internet age.

The company’s scheme would cost customers $15 per month for one gigabyte — the equivalent of one 30-minute HD television show — with a penalty fee of $2 for every additional gigabyte over the limit. This trick is designed to make customers think twice before switching off their cable TV and finding the shows they want online.

New York Congressman Eric Massa has already promised to do his part to stop this Internet use penalty before it’s imposed in his district.  But your representative also needs to sound the alarm:

Tell Congress: America Needs More Internet, Not Less

By speaking out in the past, Free Press activists have stopped threats to the Internet from the likes of Comcast and AT&T. Now, it’s time to stop Time Warner Cable.

Thank you for taking a stand.

Timothy Karr
Campaign Director
Free Press

1. After taking action, Tell Your Friends to protest Time Warner Cable’s scam.

2. Follow this link to learn more about this initiative by Free Press.

4 comments to ACTION ALERT: Sign the Free Press Petition

  • Uh-oh – their CAPTCHA is busted:

    I tried to contact them to let them know about the problem, but they have a busted CAPTCHA on their site feedback form, too! :-)

  • admin

    Prentiss – I’m not sure if the problem you encountered with the petition is an issue with the Free Press site or Rep. Smith’s site.

    It may be working for people in Dogget’s or McCaul’s districts. If somebody submits a letter to some other Rep. (or goes directly to Rep. Smith’s site and submits feedback), can you email me or post an update?

    I sent a message to a contact at Free Press to let them know of these problems.

  • Larry Archer

    It didn’t gave me the CAPTCHA … just a “Thanks for taking action!” page.
    I’m in McCaul’s district.

    It looks like Free Press is trying to pull that form and image directly from Rep. Smith’s site here:

    and I’ll bet they have it configured not to allow linking to images from outside (checking the refer(r)er with mod_rewrite?)