Broadband Interest Group Analysis of “Google Gigabit Broadband Proposal”

Big Gig Austin logoThe Google Fiber for Communities initiative is conducting a search for a location to build a super-high-speed, open,  optical broadband network. Austin is competing vigorously for the selection. Community support is being organized by the Big Gig Austin Initiative.

The Austin Broadband Interest Group has filed a letter of support, including a policy analysis of possible impacts from a gigabit broadband trial in Austin.

The group notes:

Hip, educated, and tech-savvy Austin is the ideal place to prove this. Moreover, there are some unique facts about Austin that are pertinent to this effort. A successful trial in Austin will demonstrate:

  • Limitations of a communications duopoly are hampering efforts to foster effective competition in broadband markets.
  • Competitive service providers will enthusiastically embrace an open network.
  • Artificial scarcity, implemented with broadband caps and metering, is harmful and unnecessary.
  • Regulation that protects incumbents and hampers municipal networks simply suppresses demand that fosters broadband growth.

Read the policy analysis here.

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