Take Action

Here are some things you can do in response to the Time-Warner Cable (TWC) metered Internet proposal.

Don’t Panic

If you are a current Road Runner subscriber, don’t panic. The trials are currently on hold while Time Warner Cable pursues what they call an “education campaign”.

Since TWC has not withdrawn the threat of metered billing, you may want to look into alternate broadband providers—if they are fortunate enough to have that option available.

Please note that AT&T may not be a viable alternative to escape bandwidth caps. It’s widely expected that if TWC is successful in implementing caps in Austin,  AT&T will likely follow, as they did in Beaumont

Earthlink Cable is an alternate high-speed Internet provider, delivered over the TWC network. At this time it’s not clear whether Earthlink Cable customers will be subject to caps. There have been conflicting reports on this matter.

Our Resources section will be updated as some future point with information on alternative broadband providers in Austin.

Contact Time-Warner Cable

TWC has asked for feedback on their proposal, so go ahead and give it to them.

The Internet is dynamic and continually evolves, so our plans will evolve as well and aren’t set in stone. We appreciate the feedback we’ve received. We’ll look forward to more dialogue as we progress in these trials. You can send us your comments at realideas [at] twcable [dot] com.

We understand your frustration, but we’d urge you to resist the temptation to vent in your email. Your angry email will get lost in the mass. Your polite, firm, direct email stands more chance to have impact.

Sign a Petition

Free Press is a national, non-partisan organization that advocates for media reform. They are coordinating a national response to the TWC metered Internet proposal. Read their press statement here.

They have organized a petition drive so that you can contact your Federal representatives and register your opposition to TWC metered Internet. The petition is linked at the bottom of their press statement.

There also is a grassroots petition to TWC cable that you can sign.

Petitions, unfortunately, don’t always have the greatest impact. Your message can be much more powerful when you reach out to decision makers directly. So, read on…

Contact Washington

This could be the most important thing you could possibly do.

A lot of people know that Time-Warner Cable has a franchise agreement with the City of Austin. What they don’t realize is that agreement only covers cable video services. Broadband Internet services are regulated at the Federal level.

So, you should contact your United States senators and representative to ask them for help.