Protests This Weekend

ProtestersPlans have been announce for simultaneous protests in Rochester, N.Y. and Greensboro, N.C. this Saturday. Those two cities have been selected by Time-Warner Cable for metered bandwidth trials in August.

The Greensboro News & Record reports:

Time Warner Cable customers will protest the company’s new caps on Internet data use outside the company’s Spring Garden Street office Saturday.

The protest, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 1813 Spring Garden St., is planned for the same time as a demonstration in the also-affected market of Rochester, N.Y.

The effort is being organized largely on the Internet. Pages for the event were created Tuesday on Facebook and Craigslist, with more than 300 people invited and invitations being forwarded by e-mail, on blogs and social networks.

At this time, I’ve seen no word of Texas protests. Austin and San Antonio are scheduled for similar trials in October. If you hear any news please email me or post a comment.

Read the full article here: Time Warner protest planned for Saturday

Here’s the Craig’s List posting for the New York protest: Join the Time Warner broadband capping protest!

1 comment to Protests This Weekend

  • Brian

    I don’t want to parade, or whatever form their protest takes, but protesting this in any form besides canceling your service seems like a waste. Sure, holding up signs and screaming at an office building will surely annoy those that work in said building and might get some media coverage (which is needed since I don’t think I’ve heard about these caps outside of technology blogs) but the people making these decisions are doing it for money. If they lose 20% of their customers because of this decision, I think they’ll realize they made a mistake. Better yet, your new service provider is likely take notice and not make the same mistake. For Austin, many of us can test the waters of AT&T (much larger cap) or Grande (no cap), which also offer phone and television service. I’m going to wait to see how this plays out in Austin, but I think AT&T fiber with a 150GB cap is looking better and better every day.